Saturday, March 01, 2008

~Friday's tea towel~


Hanging on my oven:

My two finished towels:

Have I mentioned how much I love these towels? The black-outlined shapes with the dotted words pleasantly remind me of coloring pages with words which were to be traced.

The binding I used for Friday's tea towel was out of the same bias binding I used for my polka-dotted apron a while back.


Tori Leslie said...

Love 'em Tammy!!
You have such patience, I don't think I have that much time to sit down during the day to even do the binding much less the embroidery.
I love 'em!!

Tammy said...

Thank you, Tori! :-)

Mom of Five said...

They turned out really cute! I saved the patterns to try out when I have the time, and you are making me itch to start!

Anonymous said...

Your towels turned out so cute! I have been eyeing the patterns, but time has not allowed me to make some for myself. :(