Friday, March 14, 2008

~Sun! and warmth!~

Our high today was in the low 50's. ***Almost like paridise!*** I went for a lovely walk and didn't even need a coat. It was just beautiful out today. I choose to ignore the forecast for this weekend! (Hint, it is not more of the same.) ***La, la, la, I can't heeeeear you***


Tori Leslie said...

Only after a long, cold winter do we go for a stroll in 50° weather without a jacket. *Ü*

Sorry for the yucky forcast coming up, just keep remembering it will eventually get warm, it has to, right??? *Ü*

Jennwith4 said...

LOL You're so cute! Yesterday it was in the 50's here and I was wishing for our warm weather back. I was freezing! LOL

Anonymous said...

cracked me up. it was beautiful Thursday and Friday here. To a disappointing cool on Saturday, but I still played outside as much as I could. =)