Tuesday, June 27, 2006

~The Beauty of Tea~

I've written before about tea with friends, but there is also beauty in a solitary cup of tea. I love to sip tea while I knit or read. Hot tea on Michigan's cold, blustery days is a must! I've discovered that those days are more often than I care for, but tea makes everything seem cozy and peaceful.

Hot tea is very relaxing, especially herbal teas, which are my favorites. I used to keep one or two boxes of tea on hand, but within the last two years (since we've lived in Michigan), I have taken to trying out many different varieties of teas. I now have a whole drawer full of tea!

Something that I have started since I got my full-time job is to have a cup of tea about an hour before I leave work. (Mrs. Cat at Making it Home recommends a cup of tea at 4 p.m., and I picked up the idea from her.) It's a little signal to myself that my work day is almost over, and it gives me a little recharge to get me through the rest of my work day. Usually, things are quiet around the office at that hour, but sometimes I am finishing up a project that requires me to be away from my desk. I still fix my cup of tea, and carry it around with me!

For sweetener, I use a natural sweetener called Stevia. That means my treat of tea throughout the day has zero calories in it! There is nothing better than something that tastes delicious but has no calories to worry about!

Mmm...I just finished my Green Berry tea that accompanied my lunch--a perfect compliment to a sandwich and an apple. *Smiles*

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Christine said...

I think having a daily teatime ritual is wonderful. I agree that tea taken alone can be quite soothing. I look forward to having a little time to myself to enjoy a cup of tea and God's word or journaling. These are the little pleasures in life that mean so much. Your tea choices sound scrumptious. Have a great day, Tammy!

Denial Renae said...

I like tea, but I think I like coffee better! Actually right now, I am addicted to Dr. Pepper! I was a good girl for a long while with only get a cola once in a while, but now it is almost every day! I need to cut back!

Emma said...

I am a fanatical collector of tea, and love a leisurely tea ritual. It's a moment in the day where I can just stop and be still for a little while. Perfect!

I hadn't heard of stevia and yours is the second blog I have read today that mentioned it. Interesting!

allison said...

I love tea, coffee, hot chocolate - any hot drink! I think it's kind of a comfort food (drink) to me. I remember when I was in high school after I finished all my homework and mom was done with her housework, we would sit together and drink hot something or other and watch a favorite show or movie. Hot drinks make me think warm, snuggly, happy thoughts.

Bernice said...

I love herb tea...as well as sweet iced tea! My mother grew her own spearmint plants to make mint tea whenever she wanted. Also, she would find wild chamomile plants & gather as much as she could and freeze the blossoms....up until this last year I was still using some she had in her freezer when she passed away!(2000)

I need to replace my coffee in the morning with a cup of tea!