Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A few of my favorite blogs

Tami is an "online" friend of mine, whom I've gotten to meet in person! Her blog is a delightful mix of family doings and wonderful devotionals. Stop by and get to know her!
Susan is another one of my online friends, a missionary's wife in Canada. I'm hoping to get to meet Susan sometime when we visit Washington! Susan's blog introduced me to the blogosphere, and she encouraged me to start one of my own!

Tori is a new face to me, and her blog is just delightful! I've enjoyed getting to know Tori through her blog! She is also a missionary's wife--in Croatia.

Last year, Sallie had her Blogs of Beauty Awards, and I saw that floating around different blogs. I wasn't blogging yet, so I wasn't quite sure what it was all about! A few weeks ago, Sallie e-mailed me with a few questions, and since then, I have been enjoying her blog very much! Oh, and Sallie is hosting her second Blogs of Beauty Awards. Check out the categories here, and follow the instructions to nominate your favorite blogs! I plan to particpate this year! As I was reading through the categories, I was thinking of who I would nominate!

Mrs. B and Mrs. R have teamed up to create a wonderfully encouraging blog. Stop by and receive a blessing!

There you have it...a "few" of my favorite blogs! If I went through my whole list, well, I think you'd all stop following the links, because I have a very long list! *Grin*


Mrs.B. said...

Thank you Tammy. I so enjoy your blog as well! (o:

Tori said...

Okay, I'm so honored to be listed on your blog, thank you and I love your's too and come here all the time.*Ü*

Happymama said...

Thanks for sharing with us, Tammy. Some of those I read as well, but looking forward to reading the ones I have not seen before.


Rachel said...

I read you blog often...your comment about me having a celebration every 5 posts made me laugh so're great!