Saturday, January 14, 2006

Did you believe *every* thing your parents told you?

When I was little, there were a few things that my parents told me that I just didn't believe. For instance, when I was around 5 and 6, we would have taco dinners. My parents would heat up the tortillas in the broiler, and sometimes during our dinner, they would heat up additional tortillas, since we had run out at the table. They always told me, "Be careful, they are hot!" when they gave me one right out of the broiler.

I didn't believe them.

Why? Well, by the time that the thin tortilla had been transferred from the broiler to my plate, it was warm, not hot.

One day, I got one that was super hot! I was stunned. So then I did believe them on that issue!

Another thing that they said, if I happened to be around a paper cutter: "Keep your fingers away, it might cut them off."

I seriously doubted that it would even cut me, much less cut my fingers off, since it had a hard time cutting 5 pieces of paper.

Yesterday at work, I learned to listen to my parents. *Grin* The paper cutter handle doesn't stay up, and as I was cutting some paper, I realized I was cutting something that I didn't want to cut. I reached to grab it, and the handle came sliding down. On my thumb! Ouch!

Of course, it didn't cut my thumb off. But I have a nice little cut on my thumb, that will persist in bleeding if I do not have a bandaid on it.

So, the moral of this story is to listen to your parents. They are always right! *Smiles*


Anonymous said...

Your fingers/thumbs are really taking a beating in the past few months! Be careful! LOL

Anonymous said...

well, glad it didn't come off and that no one will find it in some chili at Wendy's. *grin*

John hurt his pinky at work the other day. Caught it on a nail. They told him to pick it up and put it back on...not didn't fall off. He was being sassy.

FrequentReader said...

Parents are ALWAYS right? My dad used to tell me any foods he liked were "hard on my stomach" and I shouldn't eat them. Even mashed potatoes fit that category. LOL ~Jenn

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I'm always so scared of those paper cutters...I check and recheck to make sure my fingers aren't in the way. I'm a little paranoid about it, so your story is scary for me! I'm glad you are okay, though.