Friday, January 20, 2006

It's snowing!

January has been unusual here in Michigan. It has been without much snow. It hasn't been completely devoid of snow, but for most of the month (and the latter part of December too), the ground has been snow-less. We've gotten some snow, but it has been too warm for it to really stick.

Well, tonight it is snowing! It looks quite pretty out. I love it when the snow first falls, and no body has shoveled, or driven on the snow. Otherwise, once people start moving about, the snow becomes dirty and not quite as pretty to look at.

Whenever I say the snow is pretty, people always say I like it because I'm not from around here. :-) The novelty of it will wear off eventually, I guess. But until then, I'll enjoy it. As long as I'm inside. *Grin*


tkrimms said...

I enjoyed watching it. But then we woke up and realized we had to shovel and snowplow :-(

Anonymous said...

John ended up shoveling this morning. Thankfully the snowplow had already gone through so he didn't have to do it twice. =D The roads are pretty clear now...and super sunny.