Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~Do you see yourself?~

Do you see yourself represented on my stat map? It is accumulative, so no one should be left out!

Have a wonderful day!


Theresa's Notes said...

I see myself, though the red dots are covering up the hole of Texas lol.

Julieann said...

WOW!!! Tammy---you have had people all over the world. I guess I am the dot in California towards the bottom..LOL

How fun!


Anonymous said...

"Do you see yourself represented on my stat map?"

Ummm... I think I'm the one right there smiling and waving... ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you have personal connections in Europe? You have quite a cluster there! You're widely read - wow!

Sharon said...

I'm hidden by a big, red dot! ;-)

Tammy said...

I see you all. ;-) I'm waving back!

Jolene, I'm surprised by how many Eurpoean hits I've had too! One reason is that several people have posted links to a pin cushion I made (see sidebar for link). One blog is written in French, the other Dutch. That was quite fun to find out (through my stat counter).