Saturday, March 31, 2007

~Smart Habits Saturday~

Visit Lara's blog to see other SHS participants.

I'm going to keep working on:
***Bedmaking (doing great on this one!)
***Only water and herbal teas
***No Sugar
***Dishes and sweep floor after dinner (I did much, much better this week! Thanks for the encouragement last week!)

And a new one:
***Practice my flute. I hope to practice at least four times a week.

I have a story to tell about the "no sugar" habit. Part of the reason I'm doing it is because it is a challenge I listed on my 101 List (no sugar for one month). I'm a rule-follower, even if the rules are my own. But I've broken the rules too many times for me to think that I've been sugar-free for a whole month. So I'm starting over. Since I'm starting over, I figured I might as well get some serious sugar in before I started again, and I had a mocha at Starbucks today. Now, mind you, I've had no caffeine and very little sugar over the last four weeks. The mocha was awful. I didn't enjoy it at all. It was so sickeningly sweet, I asked for the gal to put some more coffee in it, to which she put more milk in it. Not only did I not enjoy it (I paid for it, I wasn't going to throw it away! LOL) my stomach was sick the entire time I did my grocery shopping! It totally wasn't worth it to me!!! It showed me that I'm far better off without syrupy drinks, and that my body is adversely affected by sugar!


An Ordinary Mom said...

So it is possible to train our bodies ... I need to work on that :) !!

Good luck on your habits this week!

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same reaction to sugar! Of course, I'm also diabetic so that works out pretty well for me.

Ruth said...

Way to go with the flute practice! I play oboe and aim for 3 practice sessions a week---hard to do in a busy house!

Cherish the Home said...

How interesting about the sugar! I appreciate your sharing this----it gives me hope! (o;

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the sugar. Both my husband and I have noticed that as we have gotten older we prefer less sugar.

Ways to reduce sugar at Starbucks: Ask for fewer pumps of syrup/chocolate in your drink (ex: 1 or 2 in a tall instead of 3) or just get a plain cappucino. The plain cappucino is my preference, with just a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. When I do want a flavor, I have them reduce the amount of syrup. I also always hold the whipped cream.

To reduce caffeine, you can order half-caf or decaf in any coffee beverage.

Anonymous said...

Just a funny story:

My husband and I were in Starbucks one day and heard the girl ahead of us order a tall vanilla latte with 7 pumps of vanilla (the normal is 3 pumps)!!! My jaw dropped in shock. She said that she really did not like the flavor of coffee and that it needed to be really, really sweet for her to drink it.

lora k said...

You are encouraging me to look into how much sugar we eat. I began researching high fructose corn syrup and was surprised at how it was related to obesity. If you haven't looked into it, I encourage you to, because it is in most every processed food you eat. When I was cooking tonight, I glanced at my Worcestershire sauce and it even had it.... egads! I know I don't post often, but read your blog regularly... so please don't hide it under a box ;-)