Saturday, March 10, 2007

~Off to the post~

My aprons all wrapped and ready to go:

I can post these pictures because my family's computer is down right now!

I've run over to the post office this morning, and I didn't even wear a coat out! It was a bit chilly, but the weather was too gorgeous to be cumbered by a coat! We have a few nice days here before we get more "arctic air". Until then, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the sunshine!

This afternoon I need to:
***do more laundry
***make out my weekly menu and shopping list
***run errands
***do some sewing/knitting

Do you have nice weather this Saturday? Anything special going on, or just a regular Saturday? Have a wonderful day!!!


Sarah Joy said...

It's sunny and warm with a light cool breez to keep you from sweating here in Mexico!

I thought is was so funny a while back when you mentioned how warm it was. Last month there was a cold snap that came down and it snowed. (for about 30 seconds)Every one came out and stared at it. "Nieve!!!" Most of them had never seen snow. They hate being cold though. I am always getting scolded in the nursury for not bundling up the babies enough at night.
But now the weathers beautiful. I need to get out and hang up some laundry while I've got sunshine!

Kristi said...

The weather is definitely nice here in the piedmont of North Carolina. The kids and I didn't make it to bus ministry, but we did make it over to the Howell's home (our missionaries to New Zealand) to clean their house and run the mower over the yard before they return on the 19th. They weren't expecting that, so I know it will be a nice surprise for them. We'll be gone next weekend, so today the weather was perfect for it. Now we're back home and I'm going to get some more spring cleaning done to MY house!


Unknown said...

It's sunny and warm in San Diego county.

I'm just working my Saturday phone shift, from the comfort of my own home, watching Paula Deen pour butter on everything and loving this Ultimate Blog Party.

Do you think that a food mill is a good purchase for someone like to make soups?

Susan said...

RAIN. The bottom has dropped out today. We're talking serious rain. Wahhhhhhh!!!!!

Tammy said...

Snow for 30 seconds? how fun for you all! =)

Kristi, how nice of you! I'm sure the missionaries will feel welcomed!

Rona, I'm not familiar with food mills, so I couldn't answer. =)

Susan, do you have your floaties out? Hope the rain stops soon for you! =)

Cherish the Home said...

The weather here has been just lovely the last few days! I'm so very thankful, it's been a rough winter. (o;

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much! We got them today and we absolutely love them! We will have a fun time using them! Thanks again! =)

Julieann said...

Tammy, we are having such lovely weather here:) I got my front tan, but I can not figure out how to get my back side tan--someone suggested I go to the beach and dig a whole in the sand for my tummy...I don't think I could ever do that---(LOL) Glad it is warming up for you.