Monday, March 26, 2007

~Planet Earth~

Are any of you watching Discovery Channel's program Planet Earth? It is totally amazing!

Kevin and I started watching it last night. I'm glad we have DVR, and can record and watch it at convenient times to us.

It is just stunning. I have never seen such wonderful footage of God's creation! In the program we watched, the narrator didn't necessarily say anything about evolution, but as can be expected from Discovery, no credit is given to God either (how sad!).

I am not normally interested in animal documentaries, but this has definitely caught my interest! I believe there are 11 hours worth of programs, and I hope to watch them all!


Theresa's Notes said...

My Children love that show. We watch it all the time.

Jennwith4 said...

I've seen the previews for that show. I'll try to catch it when I get home.