Thursday, April 12, 2007

~Breakfast Ideas~

From The Science and Art of Homemaking by Mary W. Cauley, 1935

Two Course Breakfasts

orange juice
cream toast
strawberries and cream
dropped egg on toast
scrambled eggs
cocoa shells
corn flakes
bacon and eggs
creamed dried beef on toast
cocoa shells
stewed apricots
broiled liver

Three Course Breakfasts

baked apple
ham omelet
puffed wheat
lamb chop
bananas and cream
corn flakes
creamed salt fish
stewed figs
Cream of Wheat
fried eggs
pineapple juice
broiled steak
griddle cakes
sirup (spelling as appeared in the book)

I had never heard of cocoa shells, and the book doesn't have the recipe for it. I googled "cocoa shells" and came up with links to modern-day mulch tips. Another search, this time "cocoa shells drink" came up with the link I provided above. It must have been the more frugal way to drink hot cocoa!

If I were served some of these breakfasts, I think my stomach would turn! Broiled liver for breakfast?

This book is a high school text book, and it is quite interesting to page through!


Just Theresa said...

Oh my, broiled liver!! blaaah, but most of them sounded real good, like the corn flakes, bacon and eggs, rolls and coffee, that one would work for me lol

Jammy said...

The fish and liver gotta go....NO CAN DO!!! ROFL!! =P

However, some of the rest sounds pretty good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those old home ec. textbooks. My collection is quite small, but treasured. ;-)


Emily said...

Cocoa shells? Never heard of that. "Creamed dried beef on toast" sounds good to me! That's the kind of stuff my Nana would fix for us we visited as kids.

And Wheatena? Never heard of that either.

That's obviously not a Southern menu as I see no grits or hominy! No redeye gravy or country ham!!


Happymama said...

Just out of curiosity, is this a British text book?


Rona's Home Page said...

Where did you find this book?

Tori said...

Very interesting!!! Some of them sound good, some of them, well I think I'll pass.

Maggie Ann said...

Just visiting your lovely blog...some people are hearty eaters...and would love this no doubt. For myself, just a cup of something hot for the first hour or two of the day suits me to a tea. =)

annecourager said...

stewed figs. oooh. creamed salt fish. ooooohhhh. "dropped" egg on toast? did my kids make this menu? :)

The word verification for this comment is "icntxhzc" - which is short for "I CaN'T eXHale or I'll be ZiCk."

Sarah Joy said...

I'll pass on the liver for any meal of the day-but for breakfast! AAAAGGHH!

I went to that website and there is a recipe for coffee made with egg and ground up egg shell. HUH?

Heather said...

hmmm those are some pretty weird meals mixed in with some ordinary.. but Liver?? YUCK! corn flakes and creamed salt fish??? straange lol...My favourite is the last one though.... I don't care so much for traditional breakfast fare, but that last one sounds good to me. I prefer leftover dinner to breakfast anyday!
I like your closet--it looks really good... I love organized closets!!

Kathleen said...

Hi there Tammy!
I'm the breakfast maker at my house, so this had some nifty ideas for me (pretty big breakfasts though!). For readers looking for breakfast ideas, I have a planner on my blog here:
(Sorry, I couldn't resist promoting my blog!! :)

Tammy said...

Emily, I do believe that Wheatena is a hot cereal that is still on the market.

Kristi, the book was published by the American Book Company.

Rona, I bought the book off e-bay quite a while ago.

Thanks for all the comments! They were fun to read! =)