Friday, April 06, 2007

~Online Metronome~

How cool is this? I need a metronome for practicing my flute, and in between the time I actually buy one, I figured that surely someone had one online that I could use. Well, sure enough, I googled "online metronome" and came up with quite a few. This was the first in the list.

So far this week I've practiced three times. Not too bad. Now when I practice, I won't have to tap my foot and bob my head. ;-)

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Jodi said...

lol - the only problem with that toe tapping and head bobbing is that you can speed it up and slow it down at will! Yes! - my kind of metronome!

What a cool find, Tammy, I never would have thought to look for this online! What will they think of next. Now if I could just find a way to drag my computer next to my piano, I'd be in business.

I admire your decision to polish up your flute playing. Bet ya got some sore puffers (cheeks) if you've not been practicing this much before. I played until I got married, and then I just never picked it up (to really play) again. Weird, huh! My sister was the church organist and I was the church pianist at the same church when we were in our early 20's [very early 20's for me ;o) (whispering - I'm the youngest-lol!)]. I used to play my flute while she played the piano or organ (as duets for offeratory).

Anyway - this comment turned out way longer than I planned - lol! That's what happens when you go skipping down memory lane! ;o)

I really just planned on popping in to wish you and Kevin a joyful celebration this Resurrection Sunday! Blessings to your family! :o)