Wednesday, April 04, 2007

~Water and Herb Tea only Challenge~

Started: March 5
Goofed up: coffee on March 9
Reason for challenge: to stop drinking caffeinated and sugary beverages

My 101 Things challenge was to drink only water and tea for three weeks. I reached my three week goal, and have continued on (with the exception of a mocha at Starbucks last Saturday). I feel much better without caffeine in my system! I didn’t drink juice during this time, but I will probably drink juice from time to time now that the challenge is up.

So from my normal schedule of events, what did I miss out on?

***My Saturday Starbucks.

My routine had been to get a Starbucks coffee, and sit in the café and make out my shopping list. I like the routine aspect of it, so perhaps I'll make myself a big cup of tea and make my menu at home. It would certainly cost less!

***My workday morning coffee.

This one I really missed to start with, because I’ve developed a liking for the taste of coffee and my bedtime habits have dictated something to “wake” me up. But I’m fine without it now! Now to develop a better sleep pattern!

***The occasional soda at restaurants.

I do not buy soda unless we are having company, so it isn’t in the house to tempt me. We went out several times during my challenge, and I had water each time. It saves on the bill, anyhow!

I realize there are many viewpoints on caffeine, but all I can say is that for me, I know that I feel much better without it. Caffeine is, after all, addictive. I had a whopping headache the day after I started this challenge, so I know that I had been aversely affected by the caffeine.


Happymama said...

Congrats on sticking to your three week challenge. You're probably correct about the headache. I used to be "addicted" to a soft drink here called Sun Drop. It's loaded with caffeine and when I stopped drinking it I kept a headached for several days. I don't drink coffee or tea and very rarely will have a soda now. But I do LOVE water. I drink it like kids drink kool-aid. LOL

Hubby and I are on quite the challenge ourselves. I may post about that in a couple of weeks, but so far it's really going good...with the Lord's help, of course.


Tammy said...

Thanks, Kristi. I can't wait to see what your challenge is. :-) I just love giving myself a challenge! I've never heard of Sun Drop before. Must be a southern drink. ;-)