Tuesday, April 03, 2007

~Sing a Happy Song~

I grew up with Children's Bible Hour--both the radio program and their story and song records. I was so happy ecstatic to find this record at the thrift store:

I had one just like it growing up. The songs are so bubbly and happy. Sometimes when I'm doing my housework, I'll play this record and a few others I have to get me motivated to clean the house. How can you not move around quickly to such cheerful music?

And guess what? I recently got to meet Uncle Charlie!!! I was probably more excited about it then the children he was at our church to speak to! Guess what? His voice sounds just like it does on the radio! ;-)

I went up to him before the service and said, "I was so excited to hear you were coming. I used to listen to Children's Bible Hour all the time..."

"When you were a little girl!" interrupted Uncle Charlie, in his deep booming voice.

God certainly gave him a gift for working with children. It was so fun to watch him with his puppet, dummy, and object lessons he had brought along. His life has been full of service to the Lord!


Uncle Vic said...

How neat. It is always neat when you can meet someone like that. I remember when I was able to meet Aunt Teresa (told stories for children on WMBI radio station). It reminds us that we need to be careful with what we do or say, because we can affect the lives of others.

Melody said...

Funny you should post this.....I've been playing my old Children's Bible Hour tapes the past few days! My mom gave them to me for our little one, and I just found them again (they've been packed away since our move).

When I was little, I always wanted to sing on CBH (I grew up in the Grand Rapids area), but didn't find out the requirements until I was too old to do so. Oh well. Great memories though!

My favorite is the Sing the Song, Learn the Verse tape. They have some really neat tunes for familiar verses!

Jennifer said...

Wow, how neat. I actually never heard Children's Bible Hour but it's always exciting meeting the people we listen to as kids.

deb said...

Our family met Uncle Charlie when we lived in Richmond back in '88 or '89. Let's see, my kids would have been 6, 4, 3, 2. I think only my oldest remembers it though, but I'll never forget it because we heard Uncle Charlie constantly on the radio! Thanks for the memories.

Melissa said...

I had that record too!! As well as the songbook that went along with it. I remember waiting for 10:00 on a Saturday morning so we could listen to good old Uncle Charlie. Right after Ranger Bill and Uncle Bob, of course. Wow, now you are making me feel old.....lol. :)

HopiQ said...

I grew up listening to Uncle Charlie as well! What a treat to meet him!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

We have that very same record and the song book as well ( at least, we used to have the book )!!!
My grandma has some of the Children's Bible Hour tapes at her house for the grandchildren to listen to.

Julieann said...

That is really neat Tammy:))


Mrs. C said...

Oh, how well I remember Saturday mornings listening to Uncle Charlie!

"Boys and girls for Je-sus..." Remember that song? No fair--it's probably on your record. :-)