Saturday, April 21, 2007

~Saturday Salutations!~

We watched Charlotte's Web last night. Click the link for a film review and the picture source.

It was an adorable movie. The animals did a fantastic job in their roles. ;-)

I have a jump start on my laundry today, since I started it on Thursday. I have a load of sheets in the wash, and then I have two loads to follow and I'll be done!

I brought up all my summer clothes from the basement. Even if it snows, I don't want to wear my heavy, dark clothing any longer! I started packing away my winter clothes, leaving out a few lighter colored sweaters. Now I need to get the summer clothes ironed and in the closet!

I have a few errands I need to run today, along with my grocery shopping. On Monday I'll post my menu. I haven't done that for several weeks, but I still have been planning my menu. This week I didn't stick to it very well. I changed everything all around!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

I'll be keeping this verse in mind today as I go about my errands and chores:
Ecclesiastes 9:10a Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.


Angelena said...

We watched this movie a couple weekend ago. I loved it. I always liked the book when I was little. I thought they did a great job on the movie.

Tammy said...

Angelena, I haven't read the book since I was little, but from my recollection of the book, the movie stays pretty close to the book. My husband liked the crows. LOL

Julie's Jewels said...

I've seen most of the movie. Somehow I didn't get to see the end. I really need to sit down and watch the rest of it. Although I heard that Charlotte gives birth to thousands (according to my daughter) of babies that she said she couldn't look at for thinking that she'd have nightmares about all of them being in her bed and on her...LOL!!