Thursday, April 05, 2007

~More snow~

See this:

It's snow. S-N-O-W. From last night. Realistically, I was still expecting snow this spring. We're in Michigan, after all. So it's not much of a surprise. I liked the warm weather we had for an interlude though!

Since we've been in Michigan, we've driven by many accidents, and narrowly escaped accidents ourselves, that have been caused by the snow and ice. Well, last night, Kevin was in a minor accident on his way home from church. I had stayed home sick, and was beginning to get worried about him since he was quite late. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The damage isn't pretty, but he was able to drive home. He could have gotten a ticket, but wasn't written up for one, which was another blessing.

Now we need to get everything taken care of with our insurance agent, and hopefully get our car fixed soon! Another blessing is that we have two vehicles, so we still have a means to get around.

Today Dawn posted an old saying about snow and springtime. I'm hoping that isn't true!!!

Whether snow or sunshine, hoping you're having a wonderful day! *Smiles*

ETA: the insurance doesn't cover our damages. *Sniff* We'll see what happens from here!


Just Theresa said...

When my Mom and Dad moved us from Niles Michigan, down here to Texas the one thing I knew I would miss, is snow. It does not snow in my part of Texas, except one year, about three years now on Christmas eve. it snowed. it was the first time for my children, never seeing snow before, and the first time,,, in a long time, for me.

I know your sick of it. But I'm a bit jealous :)

Mrs. C said...

Praise the Lord that your husband wasn't hurt! I hope that everything works out with the insurance, etc.

Susan said...

We had a dusting of snow earlier this week, but tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be around 68 degrees and sunny.

Sorry to hear about Kevin's accident, but I'm glad he's ok. Praying everything will be taken care of quickly!

Emma said...

Yup, this Aussie is still jealous!

Have a wonderful Easter, even if it's cihlly.


Mishel said...

I am sorry to hear about the accident (and that your insurance doesn't cover the damages). But I am very thankful your husband wasn't injured.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Sorry to hear about accident. Now you know why I turn into a hermit during winter. I won't drive to any place that is far off the main road in winter.
I am glad that no one was hurt.
Concentrate on the good and give Kevin an extra hug.
God Bless

Samantha said...

Good thing no one was hurt. Praise God! We live in Michigan as well, so I understand what you mean about this weather. Two days ago, it was up to 70 degrees, and the next morning it began to snow. It keeps things interesting I suppose :)