Saturday, April 21, 2007

~One more post~

***Bare feet***
***Light-weight skirt***
***Green, green grass***

Ah, spring is finally here!


Angelena said...

Oh I agree!! I am so glad to have Spring here!!

Melody said...

It's so nice to have Spring here, doesn't it? I love having bare feet and being able to wear more lightweight clothes!


Yes, thank God it is. connie from Texas

Rona's Home Page said...

It's great that Spring is finally here. I love the smells of flowers and fresh cut grass.

Julieann said...

Hi Tammy!!! What a great picture----it says spring all over it--what cute little toes too:) I can almost see mine---LOL--J/K:)


Anonymous said...

It was a very beautiful weekend!!

Mrs. U said...

Is that another one of your photos? It's AWESOME!! Great color and really good perspective!!

Oh, and I look forward to Spring, too!! (though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall!!).

Mrs. U

Julie's Jewels said...

I am so glad spring is here. But probably not as glad as you are. Now we just get to deal with all the severe storms that come through here. But I love storms so they don't bother me too much.

Tammy said...

Well, spring is off and on again. LOL I guess that's part of living in Michigan!

Yes, Mrs. U, those are my tootsies, I took the pic! ;-)