Thursday, April 05, 2007

~Sock Update and my next project~

My sherbet socks are coming along swimmingly. I almost got the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. But thankfully, I didn't! *Grin*

I googled "Child's First Sock" and came upon many bloggers who have made up this same pattern. It definitely does not look nice in self-striping yarns, and most knitters have used solid colors. I think that my yarn is just perfect for this pattern. The yellow pops up occasionally, but doesn't dominate the pink, and so far, it hasn't pooled. I am just having so much fun with this pattern! The needles are a different story...I should have gotten sock needles, but oh well. These work. I didn't want to switch between socks either. Oh, that would have been awful if they ended up different sizes!

I think this will be my next pair of socks:

I have literally looked at this pattern scores of times. I think they would be perfect for self-striping yarn, because they have a bit of detail, but just down the back. I have some beautiful yarn for another pair of socks, but I would also like to do some crocheting. I suppose I could have more than one project at the same time... We'll see what happens.


Birdie said...

Your socks are turning out just wonderfully! I've been busy crocheting baby booties these days. ;)

Mishel said...

Your socks are going to be so cute! The yarn you've chosen is very pretty. : )

Ruth said...

Very nice!

One thing I do to help combat the second sock syndrome is to buy a second set of needles and work both socks alternating between the two. ie., knit the cuff on one, then the other, knit the first heel, then the second, etc.,

Samantha said...

Those turned out really cute. I love really comfy socks, but they can be expensive, and they are never as cute as these!

Randi said...

The socks look wonderful! I have tried knitting socks and only got 1/2 way on one. The stress was too much for me and I decided to stick to sewing!

annecourager said...

Nice nice pattern!! What book is it from?

I'm still working on Sammie's pair--then David wants a pair...then I will get to the scarf/shawl I've been dying to make and actually spent $27.50 for a skein of yarn for.... shh!