Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~Pressing Onward~

My sewing room, though still a disaster, is progressing well!

Last night I went through things and pared down. I took some pictures to show my sorting procedures. Basically, instead of looking at something and deciding whether or not I would use it in the next ten years, I gave myself some parameters.

Take, for example, my crochet thread. This is what I started with (and I found more as I was cleaning other things out):

I decided that since I haven't been such an avid crocheter since I took up knitting, I would keep only what would fit in the large container. This will definitely be enough variety to choose from should the urge to crochet hit!

And this is what I ended up keeping:

Giving yourself parameters definitely works. Otherwise, I could have kept it all. I did, after all, have containers for it all! There is nothing wrong with any of the thread. It's just taking up space!!! And I'm trying to give myself a closet that works for me! If, in the future, I *need* that particular shade of green thread that I donated to Goodwill, I can go buy it for $2. But until then (which may *never, ever* happen), I have more space in my closet!

I did the same thing with my fabric. It's kind of hard to tell, but I did get rid of a good sized stack.



I do have a piece of fabric that I put in the donate pile that I still may pull out. I don't know. We'll see how I'm feeling! I do have room for it!

I've learned that having a clean space is far more valuable than hanging on to valuable things.

And so I've been quite ruthless as I go through my sewing room. I got rid of quite a bit just a year ago, but apparently, it wasn't enough! It is so freeing to organize and purge!


org junkie said...

I love how you are going through the process and of course I'm totally loving the before and after pictures! Great job on the purging and not keeping something just because.

Awesome inspiration!

Ruth said...

1. Your new closet looks great! And what a nice feeling it must be to be organized!

2. I know exactly what you mean about not crocheting much now that you've become an avid knitter. It's the same for me.

3. Honey, you have no idea what a fabric stash is! :-)

Shannon said...

Tammy! What an inspiration you are! I can't wait to clean my art space this weekend. I will have to take some pics if I can borrow a digital camera. It is really great to see a work from start to finish! Now, will you please come here and fix my place! lol

Maggie Ann said...

Organization is wonderful isn't it! You've done a good job, I just redid my craft room recently and its so much nicer to walk into now.