Tuesday, April 03, 2007

~Organizing Challenge~

I've decided to participate in Laura's organizing challenge this time around. Last fall, she had her first challenge, and I wasn't able to participate because I literally had my living room furniture in my kitchen, due to work we were doing on the house! Since the dust from our project has long settled, I'm excited to join in on the spring challenge.

The room I have chosen to work on is my sewing room. I have shown pictures of my sewing room before:

It's all cleaned up and pretty there. But what I don't show is that it gets messy incredibly fast! Here's a picture I just took:

It gets worse, it gets cleaned up. Repeat process over and over. It just seems like this room is always in a downward spiral until I can spend time in there to get it back up to par.

This room has a lot of functions besides just being my sewing room. I do all my ironing in it, my closet is in it, I have all my books, magazines and CDs/tapes stored in it. I purged a lot from this room about a year ago, but there is still more to go, and I need a different approach to organizing.

I will share what I'm doing throughout this month, and I look forward to seeing what others are doing in their organizing projects!

Happy spring cleaning/organizing! *Smiles*


Tobie said...

I can soooo relate to the process you describe in your sewing room. :) I've come to accept that I am just messy when I'm creating. It reminds me of the bible verse that says where the crib (house, sewing room) is clean, there are no oxen, but much increase comes by the strength of oxen. ;) A friend of mine has a business of going into peoples' homes and organizing their homes, closets, whatever. I need to hire her!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your challenge! I hope you win!

Tammy said...

Tobie, That's a great verse to remember! I'll have to remember that when my sewing room is REALLY a disaster!

Thanks, Jennifer! =)

org junkie said...

Hi Tammy! So glad you decided to participate. So this is the space you create all your wonderful craft projects that I love to see!

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, it might be an idea to look at the closet...maybe a closet organizer or all shelves. Just a thought to utilize all the available space.

I'm sure whatever you decide it will look great!