Friday, June 29, 2007

~Can someone please tell me...~

How do I post a YouTube video on my blog. Not the link, but the actual video?

A million thanks in advance! =)

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mamabeck said...


Yep. There's a little code over to the right of the specific video you're looking at. One (the bottom one) says "embed". Copy this. (either Ctrl+C or highlight and right click to "copy")

In your blog compose page, where you do your writing (since you use blogger), you'll click the tab just above your typing window that says "Edit Html" (versus Compose). Paste that code you copied from You Tube there. Then if you wish, you can click back to "compose" and finish your post, or you can finish in "edit html", then PUBLISH!

I just learned this myself...

**back to lurking**