Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Pizza for dinner.
Pizza for breakfast.
Pizza for lunch.

Someone needs to go grocery shopping!


Last night we ordered pizza since we had a lot of things around the house that we needed to do. I got my garden bed ready for planting, but nothing planted. I got some housework done. I was totally bushed, so I didn't end up going grocery shopping. So now I'll do it tonight.

I cooked a corned beef brisket in the crock pot last night, and pulled it out and stuck it in the fridge before leaving for work. So at least I have dinner half-way finished for tonight! (No more pizza! LOL)

I also have a dental appointment this afternoon. I'm hoping for no cavities!

Have a great day!


Des said...

Hi, just thought I would leave a message, will try to visit again. I found your site after trying to find a site that showed how to apply bias tape. I am probably procrastinating more than anything. I just started a little buisness making baby bibs. Will see how it goes. Not too sure about the bias tape. When you use it, do you top stitch over it after? The ones in the store always have top stitching, but not sure if they are supposed to. Anyway, all for now.

Julieann said...

Hi Tammy:) Sometimes after I have cleaned the house from top to bottom, and gone grocery shopping--we will order a pizza:) There is just something about a really clean kitchen--that makes me want to order a pizza...LOL.

Hope the visit to the dentist went well.


annecourager said...

Life is too short to eat bad pizza. This is my new code.

Bad pizza= Dominos, Costco, Figaros, Little Caesars.

Good pizza= Alfy's, Papa Murphy's, Garlic Jim's, Round Table, and Pizza Hut.

When you tired of pizza, it's time to make stirfry!! :)

annecourager said...

argh. take "d" off of "tired". it should say "TIRE of pizza"

Anonymous said...


If you are going to be eating pizza around the clock, be sure that it is the right kind of pizza. Number one -- it must be home made (whole wheat, homemade sauce [allows for low salt], etc.). Number two -- it must have plenty of fresh veggies (onions, broccoli mushrooms, bell pepper [red & green], pineapple, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.). Meat is only an option. Number three -- a little bit of cheese goes a long way. There is no need to loading up the calories.

There, now you have a pizza you can eat around the clock.