Wednesday, June 06, 2007

~A few questions answered~

Thank you so much to my blog readers for the comments you leave for me. Each and every comment is read and enjoyed. I have been *so bad* lately and haven't kept up with answering questions!

Joyce asked:
I love the island and the town. Did you go to the fort in the town?

Yes! We did go to the fort. We had a great time there! They didn't have many people about in uniform though, since it isn't the peak time for tourists. There were a few soldiers walking about.

Trixie commented:
It sounds like you have a tradition of a nice trip on each anniversary.

We haven't always gone on a trip for our anniversary, but we have for the past three years. Some years it hasn't been in the budget, but it is nice to have a little get-away in the middle of the year!

Heather asked:
What does the U.P. mean? I was typing that I was going to go back and type in "Upper Peninsula" but I forgot to! Look at a map, and you'll see that Michigan is comprised of two peninsulas...the main part which looks like a mitt and then the "U.P." =)

Deb had a great idea:
Now that you won't have a yarn store to spend your money's an idea. Save up for a plane ticket, fly to Virginia, and go with me to my yarn shop. :)

I'd LOVE to come for a visit! =)

There is another yarn store for me to shop at, roughly the same distance away as the other one was. I just recently read someone's blog post about yarn shop owners typically being rude and unhelpful to their customers, and I was shocked. Judging from the comments the post received, it wasn't just her opinion either. Well, the store that closed down had AWESOME customer service! I was in there a week before they closed, and the gal who helped me was asking me about a project I had purchased back in November. I have been in one yarn store where the shop owner was rude to me. She acted as though I had just walked into her home without ringing the doorbell. LOL But otherwise, I've had positive yarn store experiences!


annecourager said...

Okay, here's another question... I LOVE the new pulldown menus on your sidebar!! How'dja do it?

Tammy said...

I got the code for my drop down menus here: