Saturday, November 12, 2005

Messages in my bulk mail

*Sigh* There's a reason why all these e-mails go to my bulk e-mail folder. I don't know how or where they get my address...but they have it!

*Be a cop.
*Donate a car to improve taxes, reputation, and self-confidence!
*Call center options for your business.
*Take the next step Tammy
*Find vacation heaven with a time share!
*New 2006 models have arrived
*Become a travel agent in just one week
*Betty Crocker Online Shopping The Finishing Touch For Any Occasion
*Betty Crocker Online Shopping Celebrate in Style This Holiday

Am I interested in any of these "offers"? No, not in the least. That's why I clicked "empty folder". :)


Anonymous said...

whachoo mean? you don't want to be a cop!?!

Tammy said...

No...never had a desire to be a cop! LOL I'd be hiding from the bad guys. :D

Holly said...

Well I want to be a COP!!! Forward it to me!!!!

Holly said...

I'm still wondering how donating your car can inprove your self-confidence??? Maybe I should try it. I would only I don't think anyone would want my car!:-)