Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tree Trimming

In the comments of this post my sister Holly said:
We haven't gotten our tree yet, but hopefully we will this week! I haven't helped decorate our tree for three years now, so I'm looking forward to the "mad dash"!:-) YOU know how it goes!!!

Yes, I know how it goes! All the ornaments were packed in one box. As soon as the box came down, everyone scrambled to find their own ornaments, and then the "mad dash"--to put all your ornaments on the most prominent tree branches! (who wants their special ornaments hanging on the wall side of the tree???)

One "special" year, we got our tree on the 21st of December. We put it up. And took it down and put the lights back on, and redecorated. And again. And again! The problem was a little monkey of a sister who was hiding behind the tree, twisting the lights in the sockets, till the lights would all go out. So then we'd take the ornaments down, take the lights down and find which light was burnt out.

Now of course, my parents didn't realize what the problem was until the last time around. Otherwise, it would have been dealt with!

We kids had had enough of tree trimming for three years! So the day after Christmas, the tree came down! It was up for 6 days, and totally redecorated 3 times.

And then, how could I forget OUR first Christmas tree? Kevin and I had been married just six months, and we went and got a real tree. Mmm, smelled so good. We had a good time putting up our tree. We went to bed. About ten minutes later, we heard a loud sound from the living room that would indicate the tree had fallen over. Now, since I didn't have to do anything about getting the tree back up, I thought it was terribly funny, and laughed my head off. However, the person putting the tree back up didn't think it was so funny.

The next year, I bought a fake tree. I figured it would be easier to deal with than a real tree. The following summer, we were moving, and didn't have room for the tree. In July, I listed the tree in a circular that had free listing. I had about four or five calls on it, but the lady who called first got it. I thought we had paid $40 for it, so I asked for $25. As Kevin was carrying it down to the car, he spied the price tag on it (and took it off, hoping there weren't any others on it!). $19.88. OOOPS. I made a profit! LOL

The next year we bought another fake tree, but we've just kept it. It may not be fancy, but it's nice enough for something that is only out one month of the year!


Holly said...

Just LOVE those Christmas memories!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy hearing about your memories