Monday, November 28, 2005

Mmmmm...pumpkin pie!

Last Wednesday night, I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving--totally from scratch, even the pumpkin. Well, the evaporated milk was canned. But the pumpkin was cooked and pureed, and made into a pie. Even the whipped cream was from cream that I whipped. (Would Martha be impressed? Probably not, because I burnt the sweet potatoes while I was baking the pie. LOL)

It was so good that I made another one tonight. I told Kevin that I was making him a pumpkin pie. He contradicted me and said that I was making it for myself too. Well, he was right. *grin*

Someone I know *ahem, no names called!* said that the first time she tasted pumpkin pie, she was a teenager at a ladies meeting. She didn't like her pie. So she threw it out the window. Ohhhhh I laugh each time I think of that. This same lady *ahem, still no names mentioned* also threw a white chocolate bunny into her neighbor's yard from her bedroom window(of course this was when she was little). It's too bad the neighbor was also the person who gave her the bunny! Hehehe

Oh well, I guess I got off the subject. :-) I love pumpkin pie! It's one thing I won't fling out a window! Now, take peas, for instance....those are worth throwing out a window! Hahaha

Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

was this a lot of work? I just buy the pumpkin in a can. I'm a 'cheater'. he, he.

btw, I'll eat your peas. =D I like most veggies...depending on how they are made up.

Tammy said...

Yes, it was a lot of work. :) I got enough pumpkin for four pies though. Since I enjoy doing this type of thing, I didn't mind doing the work.

You can eat my peas. =D I got in trouble once because I gave my peas to a friend to eat. Hahahaha My mom told me we don't do that to company. LOL I like almost every other vegetable! Artichokes, brussel sprouts, brocoli, etc. I just don't care for peas!

Anonymous said...

Yum! That sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Deodorant. The mystery lady threw some deodorant she didn't like out the back door.

Anonymous said...

The mystery lady also threw mascara out the window when she heard it could cause blindness if you scratched your eye with it.

Tammy said...

Hahahaha Sherry and Misty--I don't remember hearing about those. I think you're making them up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ooo, ooo, ooo...she also threw peas out the window...or did she just feed those to the dog? *wink*