Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today's the day!

Kevin's mom gets married today!!!

It's 8:20 here in Washington, but I've been up since 4:20 this morning--I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. and got a good night's rest. Since we're only here for a few days, I want to try to stay adjusted to MY time zone.

We've been "partying" since 4:30 this morning...Kevin's mom couldn't sleep (hmmmm...think she's excited or something?), and of course Kevin and I were up early, and also Kevin's aunt (from Iowa). So we've been having a grand old time together. :-)

I'm looking forward to the wedding this afternoon. We just met Hank yesterday, and it's neat to see how in love Hank and Kevin's mom are. :-) We're so happy for them!


Nikki said...

awww, that is sweet! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Susan said...

Tammy, it's ridiculous how excited I am for your MIL!!! I feel like you're nearby, since you're in WA, although I don't know exactly where you are. I want to see pics too! Have a great time!