Friday, December 09, 2005

How popular is your last name?

Kim posted this website a while ago. It's fun to see how popular your last name is in the United States. Click on: The Sweetest Sound and type in your last name. My maiden name was in the 4000 range, which actually surprised me. I didn't expect it to be that common. My married name came is in the 700 range. So if it's so popular, why do people always want to misspell it? =)


tkrimms said...

Maiden: 3126
Current: 52706

Corene said...

Maiden: 4911
Married: 161

Sarah Joy said...

Maiden: not there. (not surprized a bit. I think there are less than 100 of us in America.

Married: 753

this is fun!

Anonymous said... know my maiden name: 721
Married: 1493.

It is actually more popular than Beckman...that surprised me.

Sandi said...

Married: MacDougall, as a surname, does not exist in this database, because it is not among the top 55,000 most common names in the US.

Maden: 4835