Thursday, December 15, 2005

I left the key on the counter...

Today was the last day I cleaned for the office manager at Kevin's work. After we get back from our Christmas vacation in California, she's going to be my office manager too! I'm going to be the new receptionist/adminstrative assistant. Since I will be working full time, I won't have the time to clean her house.

Every time I went to clean, I had two happy greeters in the house. "Moody" and "Snitch" were just sooooo excited to see me every time I came in. Well, let me amend that. They weren't excited to see me the first time I came in--but every time after that they knew me and came bouncing over to me for their petting. They are Australian Terriers, a very "cute" little doggy. =)

I considered keeping the key so I could go in and see what she has done differently to the house each week (LOL I'm just kidding). Every time I went to clean, something was different--rugs, pictures, decorations moved around from room to room, new renovations in the kitchen, new furniture. I talked to her about how she's always moving things around, and she said it kind of bugs her husband. Hahaha he doesn't like to get up in the middle of the night and bump into things that she's moved around. Anyhow, it was so interesting to see how she was always moving things around. I tend to put something in one place, and that will be where it stays until we move. =)

Now that I've cleaned someone else's house, it's high time for me to get my own house clean and ready for our departure! I'm so excited! We're leaving for California in two days!!!


tkrimms said...

Ahhh the life of an admin assistant! Congratulations! Ask Rebecca and I - being an assistant is fun! (well, when there is enough variety! LOL)

Jamie said...

OH she sounds like a military wife! And what cute dogs! :) Congrats on your new job.