Monday, December 05, 2005


When things are going haywire, or things are just stressful, or new, or different, I make sure I have two things: a book and a project. If I have those two things, I feel somewhat normal in the midst of what I'm going through.

Whenever I've moved, the second place I find is the library. (The first place I look for is a grocery store! Food is slightly more important than a good book!)

When something is up, I find something I can crochet, or more recently, something I can knit. It keeps my hands busy during my spare time (however little of it I may happen to have at the time).

When we had just moved to a new church in California, I was way in over my head with things to do. I didn't find the library for three weeks--after the dust from moving had finally settled. I found a good book, and I got started on a doily.

Some people turn to food--they have to have their chocolate, for instance. Now, I like chocolate, don't get me wrong! But it doesn't do for me what a good book will do! :-)


Sandi said...

I love the library too. I always have a book in progress. Our small library can't keep up with me. But they recently went online. So I can now sit at my desk and order books throughout the library system. Now here is the best part, they pull them for me!

Anonymous said...

yeah...I do that too, Sandi. I like that!

Anonymous said...

every time I hear that...reading with a flashlight...I think of that song by Steve Taylor Hero. The first part of the song starts like this:

When the house fell asleep there was always a light
And it fell from the page to the eyes of an American boy

Tammy said...

Oh Lisa, I got in trouble for reading too! Mostly it was when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.

Sarah Joy said...

This is making me laugh! I remember one time my brother "went missing" and they were looking everywhere for him. He was behind the couch--reading. Totally oblivious to the world. Another brother of mine would grab a loaf of bread and sit there for hours at a time, munching and reading till the loaf was gone. We were always getting into trouble for reading too much. Even today, if I have a good book, I had better not have anything importent to do...