Sunday, December 18, 2005

Safe and Sound in California!

We arrived in California last night. Whew! We had two connections, so the travelling time was drawn out. It was worth it though! =)

Tracy wanted me to rub in the fact that it is warmer here (right, Tracy??? Hehehe). We realized how much we are acclimated to Michigan winters when we were at the LA airport. We had to be shuttled over to another part of the airport, and before we went outside, we heard two of the workers talking. "Is it cold out?" "Oh, yes, it's COLD out!"

We laughed when we walked outside. It was a "balmy" 60*. We took our coats off and enjoyed the "cold" weather. Hahaha All the men who were working outside had heavy coats and stocking caps on.

We've enjoyed our time so far with our family. Of course, we got in late last night and had church this morning, but we have had some time to talk. My little sisters have grown so much!

I plan on taking lots of pictures, which I will share when I get home!


Anonymous said...

well, it is a warm 12 degrees now...compared to the 2 degrees we woke up with this morning. it is weird to think that 12 degrees is warm. ha, ha.

Corene said...

That is how our weather is here in SC.

tkrimms said...

Glad to hear you made it ok! Can you bring some of that warm weather back? It's now 16 degrees out here!

Anonymous said...

Give my greetings to all of the family. Tomorrow instead of being in the nice weather of Puebla, I will be in the nice cold weather of Delaware seeing your Aunt and cousins. Can't wait to see them.

Jamie said...

too funny! I am cold and its 60 something degrees! LOL

Nikki said...

Glad you got there safely!! Have a WONDERFUL time!!!