Monday, December 12, 2005

Two Left Gloves

Doesn't sound very comfie, does it? I've been using gloves to wash my dishes with lately (trying to keep my hands in decent shape! This weather does bad things to my hands!) and as I was washing my dishes a few nights ago, I recalled an incident that happened when I was around 15 years old.

My mom and I cleaned house for an old lady and her adult son. The house was kind of yucky. We put our gloves on before we even got in the house! One day when we went, we discovered that we had 3 left gloves and 1 right glove. It was my fault, since I had grabbed the gloves. We weren't about to clean without the gloves (did I mention we even used them to vacuum? hehehe). So we took turns having a set of gloves. My mom cleaned half the time with two left gloves, and I took them for the last half.

They weren't comfortable at all! The expression "fits like a glove" is true. The right hand is made a little differently than the left hand! =)


Corene said...

same thing would be said about shoes. I put my nephew's shoes on backwards once. I wasn't paying attention. But then someone put them on him correctly

Sarah Joy said...

Corene, I did that with my two year old a couple weeks ago! In the car, I noticed that I had put her shoes on the wrong feet, but I was fixing someone els's hair, and forgot to fix it. Then halfway through church I remembered! They were on the right feet when we got her out of nursury. They must have been thinking, "Who is this kid's mother!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. I was looking for a pair of gloves for dh this morning. I came up with 5 left gloves, and no right ones! LOL
(I enjoy reading here by the way)

Nikki said...

Too FUNNY, Tammy!! I also put Leah's shoes on the wrong feet just the other day!!! CRAZY Mamma!!!!

Anonymous said...

now see...I would've thought the kids were trying to put on their own shoes. =)

gloves...never had issue, but for some dumb reason a few months ago I managed to put my boots on wrong. duH!