Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Playing with fire

Well, maybe that should be "playing with candles". :-)

When I was little, my mom got drippy candles several years in a row. She remembered them from when she was little. Her mom had used them at Christmas time, and she had such fond memories of them, that she wanted to give us the same memories.

What she wasn't counting on was sibling rivalry. BIG time sibling rivalry. You see, the candles never dripped as much as the box showed. When they would drip, it was a huge deal. The person who could not see the dripping ended up feeling quite left out. So they would turn the candles in order to see the drip. Then the fighting would break out.

Finally my mom issued a decree that no one was to breath on, blow on, or touch the candles. That was great. We obeyed. Then came Dad. Of course, he was under no such stipulations, and he would bump the table to get them to drip. When that didn't work, he would take his fork and make a little indentation to get the candles to drip. We loved it when Dad was at the table (at supper time--we burned them at both lunch and dinner--I suspect it was to get rid of them as fast as possible)! Hahaha

Several years ago, I saw a box of these candles, and thought I'd burn them at Christmas. I forgot about them each year for several years. This year, I finally remembered them.

Kevin and I are having great fun with them. For the most part, they are pretty drippy on their own, but a little table shoving and blowing on them helps them along quite well. LOL Even though my candles were together in a box, they are burning differently, as you can see from the picture.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen those. Sounds like fun though!

Jamie said...

OH how neat! I need to look for drippy candles..I imagine those things would probably catch the house on fire! HA!