Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March Weather

March weather here in west Michigan is quite unpredictable. Actually, I should say that weather in Michigan is unpredictable! But anyhow, it was snowing yesterday, and the news says to expect 60* weather by the end of the week! I'll believe it when I see it!


Anonymous said...

it's spring. I wouldn't be surprised. They tell me it snowed 10 inches here on May 10, 1990...but it was gone the next day.

Corene said...

Hey! that sounds like South Carolina!
A few years back it was warm short sleeve weather and then the very next day it snowed about 2 or 3 inches. I do believe it was in March too.

Anonymous said...

They say that we have all four seasons on the same day. Of course our cold is nothing compared to the cold of Michigan. And our hot is nothing compared to Dinuba. We live in a nice climate area. We are truly blessed.