Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My new knitting project

I took the plunge and bought a pattern, yarn, and needles to make myself a sweater. Here is the pattern, with the yarn colors I've chosen:

And here is how it looks worked up:

This sweater had better fit me! I've never paid so much for a sweater before, and it's not even made yet!!!

I'm blessed to have a friend at church that is helping me along where I need help. She even lent me her whole set of knitting needles!


Susan said...

This is looking really good, Tammy!

Anonymous said...

This is really pretty! Can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said... look taller too! =D

Anonymous said...

OOO Tammy that is so pretty! I love the square neck. I wish I could knit something other than scarves and hats. One of these days I think I'll take a class in knitting and crocheting and maybe even a quilting class. All crafts I would love to learn. YOu are so blessed to have those skills! Cant wait to see it when its finished! You'll have to model it for us!

Anonymous said...