Friday, March 17, 2006

To show you how distracted I can get...

I bought yarn a week ago to try to make socks out of, but I really don't know what I was thinking! It wouldn't have made nice socks at all. So it turned into this instead:

A flower-shaped washcloth!

It gave me a little trouble, but I think that if the pattern had been written a little better (or perhaps if I were a better knitter) it would have been easier.

I made it in the evenings, and mostly didn't pay too close attention to what I was doing, so one of the petals is too short and one is too long. But who cares, it's a washcloth! *Grin*

Speaking of flowers, I spotted some of my bulbs coming up! Hooray!!! Last fall, I used some of my birthday money from my grandparents to buy the bulbs. I think the ones coming up are hiacinths. I need to go out to the garage and find the wrappers they came in, to tell for sure what they are. It's just exciting to see GREEN coming up!!!

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