Saturday, March 11, 2006

Signature required...

I just looked over at our answering machine, and it was blinking, indicating that there was a new message that we had overlooked. It was a message from my dentist's office. I forgot to sign my check when I was there!

I think it's funny, because all week long, I write checks for the various companies that my boss owns. Of course, I can't sign any of those checks, so I leave the signature blank, thus forming a habit. Next time I write a personal check, I need to remember to actually sign it!

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Anonymous said...

I rarely use checks anymore. But I remember when I was young and mom was making out checks...I thought she was scribbling. ha, ha.

John said that when they were younger that if their mom said there wasn't any money they would tell her to just write a check. LOL! Wish it worked that way. =)