Friday, March 03, 2006

Trade Marks

Everything these days has trademarks on them. Or they are copyrighted. Everyone has to protect their invention, their catch phrase, their company name.

But I was a little surprised to see that ZIP code is trademarked! I got a post card from the post office, and noticed that "ZIP" has "TM" by it. This struck me as funny, because what business, person, etc. would would want to use "ZIP code"? LOL

Do you know what ZIP stands for, anyhow? It is an acronym for "Zone Improvement Plan."

Upon further investigation, I found the following information at Wikipedia:
ZIP Code was originally registered as a trademark by the U.S. Postal Service, but its registration has since expired.

So if it's not really trademarked, then why would they use "TM" by it??? Questions, questions! *Grin*


Anonymous said...

I did know what ZIP stood for, believe it or not. I had looked that up for another reason. I didn't, however, know that it was 'trademarked'...although, apparently, not anymore. Who's going to contest that?

tkrimms said...

I'm suprised they were able to get it trademarked!

FrequentReader said...

I'm not surprised it's trademarked. WVU is trying to (or at least WAS trying to) trademark the word "mountaineer". I knew what ZIP stood for, too. Bummer I've never been able to get to a Jeopardy audition. I've gotten two auditions, but never been able to get to them. (The blog linked on my blog of Marci's mindless drivel -- she was a five time undefeated champ!)