Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

I read Jane Austen's book Pride and Prejudice when I was a teenager, and thouroughly enjoyed it.

Since then, I have watched these adaptations of it:

This last one was just a cheap-production modern-day chick sisters all thought it terribly funny and enjoyable, but I didn't get quite as much amusement out of it as they did.

A few days ago, my sister Holly told me that the 2005 version was out on dvd. So last night I set out to rent it. I went to two video rental stores, with no luck. It seems as though everyone else wanted to rent it too! I called another store, rather than wasting a trip out there, and they didn't have it in stock either. So Kevin and I went to Meijer and we bought it, with the plan to sell it on e-bay.

So last night I watched this version:

I have to say that of all the versions I have seen, the 1995 version (second picture down) is my favorite! That's not to say that I didn't enjoy last night's viewing. This movie was not quite as long as the others, so they didn't have as much time to develop the characters. I do believe they stayed true to the book though. All in all, it was an enjoyable movie!


Jeannie said...

There's yet another version: Bride and Prejudice, a musical that will put you in stitches. One does need to know the real story to appreciate the attempts at these other versions.

Anonymous said...

I love the A&E version (not pictured), but have also seen the top one you showed. I'll have to see the 95 version you mentioned!

LOVE Pride and Prejudice.

Have you seen WIves and Daughters? That is another of my favorites.

Tammy said...

Dell, the second one from the top is the BBC/A&E version--they are the same thing (the one starring Colin Firth or however his name is spelled). There have been several different covers made for the movie.

And yes, I've seen Wives and Daughters. I had to watch it by piecemail and wait for my library to get each video in, but it was a very good movie to watch!

Her said...

One of my faves! I also like the movie Emma. Have you seen that one?