Saturday, October 10, 2009

~Hot pads~

I'm excited to share my latest sewing project with you! I followed You Go Girl!'s tutorial for the binding here. It was a little different than my normal method, and I liked the way it turned out.

My mom's kitchen is decorated with red and chickens. I didn't find fabric with chickens, but I think these prints will coordinate well with her kitchen. Each hot pad is the same - striped on one side, floral print on the other side.

One of my sisters is getting married in December. I wasn't able to attend her bridal shower, but I still wanted to give her a gift! I went to Target and picked out some towels that match her kitchen decor. Then I went to the fabric store and found fabric that matches the towels. I think the towels and hot pads match quite well!

I bought 1/4 yard of each print for front and back, and 1/8 yard for the binding (each binding strip is 2 inches wide). If I would have purchased 1/4 yard of the binding fabric, I would have had enough fabric for 4 hot pads out of each combination.

Is it just me, or is it really hard to find coordinating fabrics? I searched for an hour in a fairly large fabric store to find these two combinations.

I delayed in sharing these on my blog until my sister and mom received them. :-) I am hoping they enjoy them. I know I'm enjoying the one I made for myself (pictured here on my photo blog).


Charity said...

Very cute! I've been wanting to make some hot pads - they would be great with aprons. :) to check out that tutorial!

Christine said...

They are darling! You are very talented!

Kim said...

These look great - what type of batting did you use?

Tammy said...

Kim, I just used the batting I had. I think it was low-loft, but I used two layers.