Thursday, October 15, 2009

~Walking in the Winter~

I do not like to be cold. Not even remotely. I'd far rather be hot than cold! This summer I got a lot of good walks in. The weather was far too cool to be called "summer" but that's what the calendar said! Anyhow...lots of walking.

And then came October.'s cold outside! Too cold to go out for long walks. What to do? I'm not a naturally active person, so I had to really push myself to go for those summer walks, but it got to the point where I really enjoyed them! Now that it is cold (and remember, I don't like to be cold!) I have a hard time wanting to go outside.

I have a small collection of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds DVDs! I dusted off the cover and popped a one-mile workout in the DVD player. Fantastic! In 20 minutes I could "walk" a mile right in my living room.

This week during I've been getting in a good little workout in the comfort of my own home. I have several different walking DVDs as well as a few other workout DVDs, so I have some variety. If you've seen Leslie Sansone's DVDs, you know that she is a chatter box and has a cheerful attitude to go along with her workouts. It almost feels like a chat with a friend (if you have friends who do all the talking...LOL). If/when I feel the need for more variety, I plan on checking out some different workout DVDs from my library.

What do you do for exercise in the winter?

Image from Walk at Home official site.


Susan said...

Since it rains here all fall, winter, and spring, I got a gym membership. It's almost over, and I'm SO glad! LOL We got an elliptical trainer for free from Craigslist and a treadmill for free from a friend. So those two things are what I intend to use this winter. We're also hoping to get Wii Fit or something similar to try out for fun.

lauramichelle79 said...

Make myself bundle up and walk or I do have a Wii Fit I can use if my hubby will hook the Wii back up after taking it to a boys night out LOL. WIsh I had the money to join the gymn I would love that, especially water aerobics

Tammy said...

Susan - sounds like you're all set for in-home exercising!

Laura - sounds like you have a good plan too! If you can get that Wii back! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like doing Leslie Sansone work outs too. But I must admit....I find her chatter a tad bit annoying sometimes. (o: