Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~WIP Wednesday~

I finished the baby bonnet that I started last week, and decided to make some mitts to go along with it.

These little mitts work up so fast! I just have to knit the I-cord to attach the two, and then they'll be done.

I am using the pattern My Magic Baby Mitts, with the following modifications:
:::knit in the round, rather than flat
:::two inches of ribbing, rather than one and a half
:::closed the end with kitchener stitch, rather than gathering through all the remaining stitches

I'm pleased with how they're turning out.


The weather is incredible for late October! I hear we're in for colder weather soon, so I took a little walk this afternoon, and enjoyed every minute! Here are some pictures from my walk:


Jennwith4 said...

SO CUTE!! What a lucky little girl to have a momma like you! =)

Sandi said...

Well, that last picure of the leaves is certainly something you don't see in Australia!