Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~WIP Wednesday~

I thought I'd round up my current WIPs (Works in Progress) and show them to you today!

First up, my sister's afghan. The wedding is in less than 10 weeks. I am maybe half-way finished. I need to step it up a little so that I am not giving her a WIP on her wedding day! ("Here ya go, I'll finish it while you're on your honeymoon." Um, no. I don't think so.)

Rivulet scarf:

Because of the afghan and the dealine to finish that, finishing this quickly is a low priority. I enjoy working on it though! I am perhaps 1/3 of the way finished.

Lastly, a hat for The Baby. I made this exact pattern, in the "baby" size, and she wore it a lot last winter! I am making this one in the "child" size. It fits her very well! All I have left is the I-cord ties (one tie, as you can see, is almost finished).

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Ruth said...

It's fun to see your WIPs. I pulled out my knitting after a 4 month break and currently have 2 pairs of socks, an afghan, and 2 scarves all in progress. :)

Your sister is going to love the beautiful afghan; it's sooooo pretty.