Friday, October 23, 2009

~This is why...~

I don't like to bake:

I got this grand and glorious idea to bake cookies for my neighbors. Not just any cookies but pumpkin cutout cookies beautifully iced with orange icing. Doesn't sound too complicated...

The cookies turned out ok, although they had just a little too much baking soda in them, and I could taste that in the finished cookies. (I followed the recipe.) But I figured a yummy icing would cover that, right?

And for the icing, I used powdered sugar that had been in my cabinet for ages. Ages too long, apparently, because the icing ended up tasting like plastic (the sugar was in a plastic bag).

And the icing, though it looked orange enough in the bowl, was very pale on the cookies. But I pressed ever onward.

And then I tasted them combined. Bleck. What am I trying to do? Get my neighbors to move away or something? LOL So all my hard work is dumped into the trash can.


I think I'll get some chocolate chips next time I go shopping. At least I can make chocolate chip cookies!

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