Saturday, October 31, 2009

~More Ottobre Sewing~

I did some sewing for my little girl today. This particular pattern was a fun project.

"Dolly" dress, from Ottobre 6/2008:

I made it in size 74, only one size up from the last time I used an Ottobre pattern, but it is still a little big. That's OK though - there is room to grow and it will hopefully last through the winter. I lengthened the dress by 2 inches so it would be a little below knee length.

I sewed a little ribbon tag in the side:

Closer view of the yoke and sleeve:

I'm also working on a diaper cover to go with this dress, and I'm considering sewing a red jacket to match.

A huge plus for me was that I had all the fabric and notions to make this dress. It is always nice to have everything on hand! I bought the fabric for $1.49/yard, and I used just over a yard, so this was an inexpensive dress.

I let my Ottobre subscription lapse. I want to get the most out of the issues I already have, and then in another year or so I'll re-evaluate and see if I want to subscribe again.


Melody said...

Tammy, that is so cute! You did a great job. I love it, and the tag is a great touch.

jen said...

Gorgeous little dress-it will be so cute!


Anonymous said...

I love this little dress, Tammy. The ribbon tag is a sweet idea. I used to sew a little charm on the inside hem of my girls dresses when they went to school--a little reminder of Mom and home. Add some red patent leather shoes to this ensemble (especially if you make the red coat!)
Sue in Cincinnati