Friday, January 26, 2007

~Anti-Procrastination Challenge--Friday~

Tonight, I did several things in my sewing room. It seems as though things get pushed into and stacked in this room! I need to stop that!

I hemmed a pair of slacks for my husband.
I cleaned off my desk that is between the two closets.
All clean:

While cleaning the desk off, I found some bookmarks I've had since June. The only reason I haven't used them is that they had a sticky residue from the price tags on them. A small amount of rubbing alcohol remedied that, and they are ready for use now!

I hung up a bulletin board that I've had for quite a while now.

It was nice to get those things done!


Mrs. Scott said...

Tammy I love your sewing room. I also see you have the Singer Rocketeer for a sewing machine. I had one and really loved it. I have the 401 which is about the same machine just different shape.

Mrs. Scott

Tammy said...

Thank you, Mrs. Scott. My sewing machine is actually a Singer "Slant-o-matic". I think the name is so cute and funny. Can you imagine trying to sell a sewing machine by that name today? I really enjoy my machine!

Lela said...

I love that board, are the instructions somewhere in your projects???

Lela said...

Ok, on a second look thats your curtain! I thought it was a fabric covered board : )

Anonymous said...

Those bookmarks are TOO CUTE! Your desk area is an inspiration. I really should work on that (I thought about using it as an Anti-procrastination challenge but I was too overwhelmed by it!).

Rean Day