Tuesday, January 23, 2007

~Anti-Procrastination Challenge--Tuesday~

Mrs. Wilt is hosting an "Anti-Procrastination Challenge". Since I'm always up for a challenge, especially when there are prizes involved, I quickly decided to jump in! I'm quite the procrastinator! So, what a great way to get some things done!

My immediate thought was my ironing basket.

Now, ironing is not a task that I hugely dislike. I kind of enjoy it, in a way. It's nice to look at the closet and see a closet full of freshly pressed clothes! But it takes t-i-m-e. So I tend to put it off.

After accomplishing some tasks that I've put off because I felt like they'd take too long, I'll look back, and say, "There, that didn't take too long!" However, that isn't the case with ironing! I spent roughly 2 hours or more to accomplish this:

I was not planning on ironing today! But thanks to a little challenge, I've completed a dreaded task, and have two closets full of freshly pressed clothing to prove it!


Lauren Christine said...

Thankyou for the sweet comment, Tammy! Congratulations on getting all your ironing done... I know I let mine pile up too :)

Susan said...

Hey! You know how I am about ironing! LOL I do dread it, and there's a basket full in my room right now. I'll have to get to it one day this week; that's a perfect thing for a challenge!

Arlene said...

Good job, Tammy! My excuse for not ironing is that we just moved and our iron is still traveling to our new house... now, we're supposed to get our stuff on Friday, but I'm sure I'll come up with another excuse for not ironing, LOL! :P

Tammy said...

Thanks for the congrats! =) And Arlene, GREAT excuse! ;-) Your second one better be as good as this one! Hehehe

picketfencemom said...

Hi Tammy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment. Way to go on that ironing! I usually wait until we have to wear something before ironing...not the best time management practice...but I'm going to work on it! Hey, maybe that could be one of MY anti-procrastination challenges! LOL
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Umm I noticed a pink cuffed sweater in your basket - do you iron sweaters?

If so, its no wonder you hate to do ironing! LOL I hang sweaters up right from the dryer and no ironing is needed.

Anonymous said...

oo, come do my ironing too! :)
I'm at the stage where I either pull them right out of the dryer and hang them up, or I throw cold, clean shirts back in the dryer with a damp towel to steam out the wrinkles!

So go see my sock picture on my blog!! :)

Kelli said...

Good job on getting your ironing done!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Tammy! I don't mind ironing either...only if I get behind. : )

Tammy said...

I iron my sweaters because I don't dry them in the dryer. They are too stiff unless I iron them. =)