Saturday, January 27, 2007

~Anti-Procrastination Challenge--Saturday~

Today was a nice "warm" day...even though it snowed a few times, the snow and ice on the ground was actually melting. I drove by a hill which had probably 50 kids sledding on it. Poor kids, the snow had worn down to the grass in some patches!

Mrs. Wilt's suggestion for today's challenge was to spend time with family members. Last night Kevin and I had our "date night", and enjoyed a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel, and did a few errands together. We had a lovely evening together!

Saturday is always our errand day and our day to get all our errands and projects done. That being said, I was quite pleased that I didn't procrastinate in getting out the door for my grocery shopping. Usually, I dilly-dally about the house till afternoon. But I left the house at 10:30, and I had even washed our sheets and made up the bed!

And then, I tackled a project this afternoon that has been awaiting my attention for nearly three years! When we got our bed, I wanted a dust ruffle. But the construction of the bed doesn't allow for a standard dust ruffle. So I bought a dust ruffle, with the idea of attaching it to the bed frame with Velcro. And it has taken up space in my sewing room ever since! It was actually more work than I thought it would be. Trust me, it sounds tacky, but it looks really nice! =) I'm waiting for the fabric glue to dry, and then I'll just pop it on!

This challenge has really opened my eyes to how much I procrastinate! It really is quite a bad habit I possess!

Visit Mrs. Wilt's blog to see more projects completed!

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Anonymous said...


I like your idea of attaching the dust ruffle with velcro. My bed will allow for the typical spread over the box frame kind; but the mattress is so heavy that it only gets washed about once a year! The velcro would be a great way to be able to wash it more. Mine does collect a LOT of dust.