Monday, January 15, 2007

~How popular is your name?~

This site is tremendously fun! Try it and see! It takes a moment to download, but then you can type in your name, and any other name to see the popularity of it, and when it was most popular.

I thought it was greatly interesting to type in my name and all the names of my siblings. With the exception of two of us, we all have names whose popularity peaked in the decade we were born in.

Have fun! *Smiles*


Anonymous said...

That's a very cool site Tammy. Where do you find these things? ;)

Tammy said...

Kelleigh, a co-worker was talking about it, since his wife is expecting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

It comes as no surprise that my name did not make it on the list of the 1000 most popular names in any decade. LOL


Anonymous said...

Of course my name didn't make it on the 1000 most popular --- ever --- and probably won't ever make it --