Sunday, November 13, 2005

I may not be around for a while...

I am filling in as receptionist for two days (Monday and Tuesday) at Kevin's work, and then on Tuesday, we are leaving directly from work to head to Chicago. We'll be staying with my uncle and aunt, and then flying out in the morning to go to Kevin's mom's wedding.

We are so excited for the happiness Kevin's mom has found, and very happy that we are able to go to the wedding! The wedding will be on Thursday, and we'll be flying home Saturday.

My week will be busy!


Tammy said...

Yes, Holly, that's who we're staying with!

Anonymous said...

If you are still checking before you go to Uncle Dana and Aunt Amy's place, please tell them hi for us. Also include Eli.

Have fun

Uncle Vic

Nikki said...

Have fun, Tammy!!! Sounds BUSY and FUN!!!!!!!